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I solve problems using web applications —mostly in JavaScript.
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My main responsibility is to provide a solution for a problem through the means of programming. This mindset helps me train myself to focus in the details when dealing with problems at hand. I do this by asking simple but focused questions to refine the proposed solutions.

As a programmer, I buy into The Zen of Python, an excellent, clear and concise guide on good coding habit that is key for the long run. I also like to dissect things into prioritized list of smaller, iterative items. This trait has helped me during my role as a tech lead for more than two years.

Skill Set

I work mostly with front end web development. I am able to build an application using AngularJS, React, or VueJS. I use SCSS for the stylesheet, and either Foundation or Bulma for the interface. I use Webpack to bundle my modules. And I love Redux for my own sanity managing the application state.

I am also able to work with backend app, with some experience on Laravel. I aim to improve my understanding on Rails, Python, NodeJS, as well as becoming comfortable to use TypeScript to improve my workflow.


  • LifeStak as Technical Lead

    Website / January 2015 - November 2017

    Worked remotely from Indonesia. Facilitated the product development with Scrum. Oversaw technical progress across several teams. Advanced the development on web app with a mix of old and new stacks.

  • Terato Tech as Junior Web Developer

    Website / September 2013 - September 2014

    Provided several API endpoints for in-house mobile applications. Developed few web based applications for mobile platform. Maintained the website for the company.

  • Terato Tech as Intern

    Website / February 2013 - August 2013

    Learned about web development in-depth. Grew interest on product development and good usability. Maintained data update for Axiata Cup 2013. Participated in AngelHack Singapore.

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Some quirks

I turn coffee and pizza into code. I hop from cafe to cafe, or sometimes to my friend's space, all while riding an '86 Vespa Strada. I like discussing tech and how it could better people's lives.

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